Ch.9 Protect your Home with a Home Warranty

Protect your Home with a Home Warranty

Buying a home is a big investment, and maintaining it can be expensive – especially when it comes to repairing or replacing major appliances and home systems such as your air conditioner, heating unit or major appliances. And while homeowner’s insurance covers loss from theft and disasters, it doesn’t cover costly equipment failure.

What’s the difference between Homeowners Insurance and a Home Warranty?

Home insurance and home warranties are both designed to help you in the event that you experience loss or damage to your home and/or your belongings. A typical home insurance policy covers many things including the structure of your home, personal belongings, and other structures on your property if damage or loss is caused by a covered peril.

A home warranty, on the other hand, offers repairs and replacements for your covered home appliances and systems that fail due to normal wear and tear – which a homeowner’s insurance policy does not. A home warranty is a contract, not a policy.


Benefits of a Home Warranty

Home warranties cover many, but not all, of your home’s appliances and systems. Contract costs and coverage can vary widely, so always compare before purchasing. Home warranties cover many of your home’s crucial systems and appliances, but they must be in working order before the contract is entered into with the warranty company. Make sure you have reviewed your contract and coverage before you need it to understand what is covered and what is not. When you buy a home warranty, consider premium and optional coverage to customize the plan to fit your needs.
When a home warranty is understood and utilized for its intended purposes, it can be the easiest way to save on home repairs and reduce the extra stress that comes with buying or selling a home.


24/7/365 Coverage

If something breaks down in the middle of the night or on a weekend or holiday, you don’t have to worry. Customer care representatives are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Just call the customer care center and you will be assigned to one of their qualified service partners. That means you don’t have to hassle with finding a contractor or worry about being charged excessive repair costs.


Benefits for Sellers

Make your home a preferred home. Eight out of ten buyers prefer to buy a home covered by a home warranty plan. (Source: Gallup Poll)
Attract more first-time home buyers. Provide peace of mind for buyers who might be intimidated by the high cost of potential repairs.
Leverage your Home Warranty. Make your home stand out from other listings.
Free coverage during the listing*. In most states, payment is due at closing.
Reduce post-sale worries. If a breakdown happens after closing, the buyer will turn to the Home Warranty.

Benefits for Buyers & Current Homeowners

Save money and protect your budget. Rather than paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair or replace an appliance or home system, you’ll pay a standard deductible per service call, per trade, on covered components.**
Comprehensive protection. They’ll repair or replace any covered system or appliance no matter the age, make or model. Plus, there are no home square footage restrictions and no inspection required.
National network of pre-screened service partners. A network of over 40,000 qualified service professionals have been pre-screened to provide prompt and professional service.
Convenient claim processing. Available 24/7/365. All you have to do to place a claim is call a toll-free number or you can submit a claim online, and you will be assigned a qualified service provider in your area.

*    As governed by state law.
**  See terms, conditions and limitations in your contract. Non-covered charges may apply to certain repair or replacement work.

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